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Do not seek plastic work from this man. He is an ENT doctor practicing as a plastic surgeon.

He has not completed a plastics residency. Have seen many bad results from his work. Have seen him try to blame his staff for poor surgical results. I believe he used to own Santa Barbara Surgery Center, but now works in Santa Barbara under his own name.

I worked for him 23 years ago when he confessed to not having done a residency in plastics. He showed me the books he was looking up procedures in before doing them on his uninformed patients.

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San Diego, California, United States #817360

I wish I had read this before having plastic surgery with him. At the 2 week mark I knew I had made a bad choice and called a friend who I thought had done some Plastic Surgery before.

She had not but did tell me not to use Dr. Keller because her mom had a botched facelift and she had a bad experience with a procedure they did that made her face blow up like a pumpkin. He ruined my ears and now I can never wear stud earrings because he cut the earlobes off on one and left the earlobes on another. His revision to the one ear looked worse than the prior way he had done it.

He is good on cheek lifts but I have heard many people say don't use him and this is without even mentioning any other PS.(A friend who lives in Chicago and comes here infrequently said while she was getting a facial she was told never to use Dr. Keller.) Another PS in town saw what he had done to me and was really ticked off.

I may opt to get my ears fixed so I am not always thinking of how they look to people but am so over getting operated on! :(

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